Ensuring that your data and IT systems are secure is vital in today’s business environment, especially as networks become more complex and threats become more sophisticated.

At the same time your data is no longer necessarily confined to your local corporate network, with users needing greater levels of flexibility, with cloud based models becoming more popular and integrations with suppliers, partners and customer systems becoming more important.

We can help you ensure that you have a robust security platform in place, kept up-to-date and effectively monitored with clear procedures in place to deal with security events and alerts.

Our Network Security Services include:

  • DDoS Mitigation, with 24×7 protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Managed Firewall, helping prevent unauthorised access and costly security breaches.
  • Managed Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention.
  • Penetration testing, helping protect your system infrastructure from encrypted attacks that have penetrated your perimeter defences.
  • Vulnerability Scanning for your network devices.

Our commitment to security is reinforced by our attainment of ISO 27001 and our desire to ensure that all of the networks that we manage have the highest levels of security built in to them.